Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I just got another post doc offer, about as far from University E as my current position. I'll have to reject this, of course, since I've already accepted a position for next year.

The have been no TT offers yet, and I'm not really holding out hope. I've been trying to ignore the flood of rejection letters filling my inbox. If I apply to 100 jobs, hoping for a few offers, I can't really be upset by 97 rejections, can I? .... Right. That assumes I can be rational about all this.

Still, this is an indication that there are people who are interested in my research, and that maybe I'll have better luck next time.


  1. If you haven't received any interview offers for TT positions, maybe somebody should take a look at your whole application package. Someone (new?) who will tell you honestly how it looks and what you are currently missing...

  2. Also, here are collections of TT-application posts that you might find useful: