Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out from under my rock

I seem to have disappeared under a rock for the last 5 or so weeks. There's been a lot going on with visitors, and summer research sessions finishing up, several illnesses making their rounds through the family... But primarily its been a paralysis at the prospect of the new job hunt. I'm slowly putting things back on my plate, this blog being one of them.

I've made several references to my 2+ epsilon body problem getting worse before it gets better, but I don't believe I've elaborated a lot on this blog. My partner has a tenure track position at Department 1 in School A in a foreign country, country X. It is in a major city, so there are many other universities where I can try to find a job in the greater metro area. My partner was able to defer his job for a few months, and will start in January. Due to visa laws, he will be able to be back in the US for 11 weeks at a time. The distance, expense and logistics probably means that there will only be one long visit before the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, though my partner is more ambitious.

This year marks 4 consecutive years of one of us being on the job market, which is exhausting. Watching my partner (recognized in the small circle of academics who are interested in his work as a very strong candidate) struggle to find a job anywhere in the US for two years, and finally get a position abroad does not make me feel confident about general prospects on the job market if I am to restrict myself to only one city. We have no commitment from School A for a possible position for me. My department, Department 2 at School A is not particularly strong in research, and has no one doing anything remotely related to what I do, only vague words about helping me identify possibly interesting jobs in the area. We have no idea what this actually translates to.

The next few days will probably consist of posts about my various thoughts on the job hunt process, and some more anonymised specifics of my situation, and thoughts about the possible emmigration. There will also be more Eggmus coming up to cut the seriousness.


  1. Good luck to you! I wish I could say something more useful...