Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two thoughts

1) One of my summer students was complaining about the difficulty she was having fitting a class into her schedule that would allow her to keep working with me during the term. The crux of the problem is a course conflict with  a humanities breadth requirement. She could fill out the paperwork for a course conflict, but she wants to attend all the humanities lectures because humanities classes are hard for her, and she is afraid that if she doesn't attend lectures, she won't do well in the class. While I feel for her predicament, a little voice inside me is gleefully chanting "English is hard, lets do science!"

2) When applying for jobs, especially at state universities, I tend to be conscientious about filling in the form from  HR about diversity. I approve of universities trying to increase the diversity of its applicant pool, and full disclosure on a piece of paper that no one in my prospective department will see is an easy way to support them. Race, fine. Gender, fine. Marital status, ehn? Well, its a different country, privacy norms are different. Sexual orientation, WTF? Um, get out of my bedroom please?

I answered it. The options were fairly comprehensive. I wonder if this means that the university is more serious about dealing with LGBT issues than others. I'll keep you posted if I get the job.

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