Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Camping trip

Spring break found my mother, Epsilon and I taking advantage of our ability to leave in the middle of the week to go camping. As Epsilon napped, my mother and I discussed how my father was becoming more adventurous these last few years, and why he never wanted to take family trips like this when we were growing up. My father has his reasons for not liking to camp, though my mother and I disagree on what they may be.

After an afternoon of playing in the rocks, walking and playing hide and seek, we gather around a fire and wait for the stars to come out. I tell Epsilon the story of Prometheus, discuss why there is no moon tonight and why Epsilon need not worry about falling back to earth should he visit the stars.

My mother starts singing. Epsilon curls up in my lap and I realize the rock I'm sitting on doubles as a rocking chair. My mind wanders to a childhood where my father and mother take turns singing songs from their childhood while my brother and I roast marshmallows in the woods. We sing along to our favourite songs. I imagine having the courage to bring these foreign camp fire songs to fire circles in college. Epsilon's hand turns my face to meet his. He requests a song. My mother and I take up the tune. Within a line, Epsilon joins in with a close approximation of the words. Our little trio repeats the verses to the hills.

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  1. Damn the outdoors! Cant you just surf the internet? I am afraid you have proved to be a bad influence on your son :)