Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old habits die hard

Of the many serious problems I face in my academic and family life, today I would like to talk about keeping important items that were once valuable in my pre-parenthood life relevant today.

For instance, what does one do with the dice sets bought to battle ogres on Sunday afternoons? Back in the day when pretty was a more important consideration than choking hazard? When who had the best selection of dice sets made a similar statement about one's status in a community as the type of baby carrier or stroller does in a different one. Dice are important. Dice are fun. Dice are multi colored.

Why not use them to determine the order of end of term student presentations!

1) Alphabetize the list of dice colors on the board.*
2) Put dice in a nice dice bag.
3) Have students in class choose dice from bag to determine presentation order.

In the right class, this still lets one show off ones painstakingly collected dungeon generating, vampire slaying, dust collecting platonic solids.

*For this exercise, it may be best to pull out only the dice that are decorated with a G-rating.

1 comment:

  1. Lol!!! Isn't this a little bit humiliating for the dice? Well, less humiliating than being eaten by a toddler for sure, but still...

    I'm so glad that Rubik's cube is large :)