Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The big reveal

There's a job at University D my partner didn't accept a fly out to last year because the deadlines for accepting his current job at University E were too pressing. University D, has a few more postdocs slots than usual this year in my department. There are rumors of retirements soon, and thus lots of TT openings in the near future. University D didn't fill the slot they wanted to fly my partner out to, and they are advertising the job again. Furthermore, University D is in a city where many of our friends seem to migrate to. It would be nice to move there.
But given that my partner has accepted a position at University E, we need to convince University D that he is serious about his application.

Which means revealing our 2 body problem.

Which makes me uncomfortable.

The best advice seems to be to notify my partner's prospective department of our situation, and see if there is enough interest in both of us that if I can get into a postdoc, it can be with the understanding that I will be considered for a TT as the positions open up.

1 comment:

  1. Go for it! This could be a great opportunity!

    I've recently heard that when looking for a TT job you should always actively apply to the places that offered you a postdoc you didn't accept.

    It looks like a variant of this situation. Moreover, your husband didn't wast their time and energy last year, that looks good (at least, that would look good with me if I was on the search committee at University D).