Monday, November 14, 2011

What on earth?

I know I've just written about how if I had my way, no one would pay tuition, and I wouldn't be able to draw a salary. But this e-mail just made me rethink the line for allowing audits.
Dear Dr. [Barefoot], 
I love [this field of study], and I would be honored if you would grant me the privilege of auditing your [Course Name] class on Friday November 18. Even though I have a Masters degree in [this field of study], I realize that I cannot keep up with these students. I simply want to experience the environment. 
Thanks for your consideration. 
[Stu Dent]
If you want to be audit my class, here's what I would say:
  • Dump the flattery, kid. Giving my a big head just makes me want to misuse the power you have bestowed upon me.
  • Who are you? I don't have a midterm from you. I don't have you on my current enrollment list. I've never seen you in class. You sent this e-mail from []. Are affiliated with my university.
Alas, I could not be so explicit in my response to him.

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