Friday, December 23, 2011

Partial Solution before Christmas

The problem with job hunting (at least for me) is that I have to put all thoughts other than "is this a good academic home for me" out of my mind in order for me to get the energy up to apply for a job. If I allow myself to think of commutes or Epsilon, I completely fall apart.

Furthermore, most places don't tell you when they'll respond by, so I experience the occasional surge of adrenaline associated to the subject line "Application to University X." I always assume it is a rejection letter, but it still throws the rest of my day off.

Yesterday was a bit different. Yet it threw my day off.

Yesterday's subject line read "Offer from University F", which was helpful. I still had to read the e-mail several times to believe it.

I should be dancing in the streets. But now I get to think about Epsilon and commuting. There's a lot to unpack, and I'll write more about it once it's been unpacked. For those of you who want to be happy for me in spite of myself, the relevant details are:

1) The offer is for a post-doc.
2) The commute from University F to University E (where my partner has his TT offer) is ~4 hours door to door. Long, but the shortest of all the long distances we've had to do in our relationship.

Merry Christmas to those for whom it is relevant.


  1. This is great! 4 hours is not short, you still need 2 residences, but you can see each other every week. I am very happy for you. Happy holidays!

  2. Hey, congratulations. More options is better than fewer and I'm happy for your success.