Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eggmus: The Trashy Parent

Sometimes I feel like I'm a garbage parent. Like when I look up from my work, and realize that Epsilon had to be picked up from daycare an hour ago. Fortunately, at times like these, I have a partner who is more on the ball.

At other times, I know that the bar for being a trashy parent is set far higher than anything I can ever attain. For example.

Epsilon: Carl (a daycare friend) bite.
Me: Really? What did Karen (day care provider) say?
E: No. Garbage truck say no. No. No. Epsilon bite Carl.
Me: And then what happened?
E: Garbage truck say no. Naughty Epsilon.

There's a variation on this conversation where the garbage truck kisses Epsilon and makes it better.
And there's this one:

Epsilon: Clock bath?
Me: No, we can't give the clock to the bath. It will break.
Epsilon: Fix it?
Me: No, I won't be able to fix it.
Epsilon: Garbage truck fix it.


  1. Aww, he has a super-hero garbage truck. Moral righteousness! Healing powers! Fix-it-ness!

  2. Hilarious!!! I feel so connected with this... Just change "Carl" by some other name, "bite" by "push" "garbage truck" by "helicopter" (although I anticipate it will be "dinosaur" soon), and "clock" by "toad" (a toad doll that won't be happy if it gets wet).