Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hat Tip

I was completely blown out of the water by four little words today.

We just had an organizational meeting for an in house reading group. The standard "when do you have class/teach" type discussion to determine when we can all meet.

As we all start laying out our constraints, I hear the organizer say "Her constraints come first."

Huh? Why me?

"Because you are single parenting."

Wow. Well. .... Thank you. Sincerely, and truly, thank you.

Between only having 4 days of day care this week, and a few other things going on, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, and struggling to make everything work out. Little things like this give me the strength to put my best foot forward and try to salvage the day all over again.


  1. This is exactly my point. Most people, just like this organizer, are decent and considerate and have an instinctive understanding of right and wrong.

    The problem with the left is that they want decency to be legislated and hence every person must walk on a knife edge of political correctness in a minefield of lawsuits.

    The real pity here is that such legal knives undercut human decency and open up the dias to assholic questions like this: why should the constraints of a parent come first? Isnt this discrimination?

    Who decides what is good discrimination and what is bad discrimination? Why not leave this to our innate sense of decency? Instead, why do you want iron clad laws that make decency feel like a burden?

  2. Mocklion, are you actually claiming that the right has decency? Have you seen the news other than FoxNews any time in the past four years?