Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parenting by Skype: Sometimes Linux doesn't cut it

Epsilon is coping really well with his father's absence. It helps that my visiting friend from Grad School City has really bonded with him. It helps that he's old enough to ask for stories about his father, who recently had a train fiasco. Train stories are good.

This morning, we learned that it helps that my partner has the windows laptop. Skype for windows, and I assume this is true for Mac OSs as well, have different backgrounds and some face recognition software that overlays masks on the speaker's face. Probably not the best set of tools to be using during that long distance collaboration with a colleague in a different state*, but nothing gets giggles out of Epsilon like watching his father turn into Teen Wolf and roar, or get hit by lightning from overhanging clouds.

*I've had it with this collaboration. If you don't get these numbers to work soon, I will rip your throat our next full moon!

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