Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Follow up

I wrote a while ago about a friend having several flyouts to schools for interviews. I heard recently that she got offers from two of the three schools she had interviews at!

She has chosen not to defer her position for a year while her husband finishes up his postdoc and tries to get a job nearby. Unlike our situation, she would have a hard time continuing to work if she were not at her new academic home. I think the exact words used were "it would drive her insane."

Fair enough. I then almost asked "who gets custody?*" but I thought better of it.

*Dark, bitter, inappropriate humour, not intended to offend people in/who grew up in messy divorces.


  1. My situation was similar -- I started my TT (took my kid with me) while husband stayed to finish his PhD. We lived apart for 2 years and then he joined me (he never did finish his PhD); had I stayed to wait for him, my chances for a professorship would probably have been ruined.

  2. I'm not questioning her decision or anyone else who has made similar choice. There are many many reasons to take this route. I just know that it is hard, and the bitter part of me sometimes needs to be held in check.