Friday, June 29, 2012

Academia meets life... and stumbles

We are staying with a colleague of my partner and his family, while we wait for conference 3 to start next week. They are a lovely couple with a 2 (4?) body problem. He has been giving me some advice on how to fly in and out of the airport local to University E; she's been helping me deal with some Epsilon related errands in town. Their two kids love trains and princesses, which has been lovely for Epsilon, who has recently discovered the wonders of female singing Disney characters (he's loved trains for longer).

The kids are playing with the train tracks, while the adults chat over the final details of dinner preparation.

"So explain to me again your travel plans. When will you be settling into University E city," she asks.
I explain our complicated 5 country, 7 week tour. "We should be getting in around August 1, and then search for housing."
"And that's it then."
"Well, I leave for University F about a month later."
"And I assume Epsilon is going with you then?"

... Restate explanation. See last post. ... I must say, these two never question our decisions. In and of itself, this last question would pass without mention. But there is another person at the dinner table. A colleague of her's, in town for a conference. After a few unrelated exchanges, the conversation continues as follows:

"I hear you teach feminist theory. I'd like to ask your advice on a three week course segment," he says. The conversation continues with the three experts in the subject discussing course matter.

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