Thursday, June 14, 2012

More thoughts on Emmigration

Every summer it seems I have to board a plane for 10-15 hours to hit
my small conference circuit. Up until this year, every year, I have
grumbled about the hassle of getting on flights and traveling
alone. This year, we packed up our house, handed the keys to the
landlord, and got on the plane as a family. That seems to have made
all the difference.

It will be nice, starting September, to live in a part of the world
where the research I do is popular. It will be a lot easier to hop on
a plane for an hour or two, or a train for 3 or 4 to get to my
conferences, rather than have to sleep sitting up in economy, and fail
to sleep in my hotel room due to jet lag.

We have officially left the US, though we haven't settled in our new
homes yet. The dreaded emmigration has occurred. In the mean while,
First Conference City, is offering pleasant weather and a plethora of
good vegetarian options. The streets are filled wit bikers,
pedestrians and fresh vegetable stalls. I know this is a smaller city
than where I will be in September, but it is making me feel like I can
survive the upcoming year.


  1. this sounds all very positive! All the best for your new adventure!

  2. Finally, you are in a place where everyone thinks exactly like you :) Enjoy your new life. My best wishes :)

    In case you want to hear an evil conservative once in a while, you can always hit me up :P