Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Emmigration Surprises

University E town is the closest I've ever been to living in a small town.* Normally, I find myself somewhere between scoffing at and terrified of living in a small town. But I have to point out a few cultural differences that I am finding quite pleasant.** I have no idea how much of this is due the the universal small town nature of things, and how much is cultural/geographical.

  1. Blackberry bushes. Epsilon LOVES picking blackberries off the bushes and popping them in his mouth. (Then wiping his hands on his shorts, but that's a different matter.)
  2. Wildflower fields next to campus. I have a soft spot for wildflower fields, since one of my earliest memories is being chased out to play in the wildflowers in the undeveloped lot next to our house.
  3. Busdrivers who stop and chat while I find my change, and who wait while I struggle to get my toddler of the bus from the back. I think this is cultural, since I've noticed this, to a lesser degree in larger cities in this country as well.
  4. Clothes lines. Everyone has them, so no one looks at me like I'm bringing down my neighbor's property values buy hanging up my sweaters.

*Technically speaking, the town University E is in is smaller than the neighbouring town with good bus and train connections I'm living in.

**All opinions stated in this post subject to change as I actually get to know my neighborhood better.

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  1. It's kind of cute, and always brings a smile to my face when I see someone move from the city to the country. Mostly what people comment on is the bugs... or the difference in smells. I miss it.