Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mover's basket

How do you tell, as a cashier, that someone is moving into a new house?

Okay, unfair question. But the probability that a person checking out from a drug store is stepping off a plane and moving into a new house increases with the number of these items found in their cart:

Dishwashing solution
Toilet Cleaner
Toilet Brush
Laundry Detergent
Garbage bags
Toilet paper
Paper towels

Bonus points if a) the customer doesn't speak the local language well b) is putting things away in a university tote bag.

I've gone through this routine so many times now that I seem to walk through drug stores with this checklist in mind. But at least I'm moved in.


  1. I often think that the funny side of being a cashier would be playing the "what are they getting this for?" game. Most of the people I know who wer cashiers barely paid attention though.

  2. I don't blame them... it's got to be a deadly boring job. Although, I've had a few cashiers/baggers tease me about my food choices at the grocery store after a particularly greasy run.