Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eggmus: Celery

Epsilon woke up from a nap at a friend's house, cranky and disoriented to find the adults eating at the table spread with a late afternoon snack. To distract himself from his after nap grumpiness, he wanders over to my friend and starts screaming at her. I want dinner too!

We start with the foods he knows.

Bread? NO!
Cherry tomatoes? NO!
Mushrooms? NO!
Humus? You don't like hummus.NO! I don't like hummus! Why are you giving me hummus?
Lettuce? Would you like me to help you eat the lettuce?NO!

I lift him above the table to let him choose what he wants for dinner.


He only has 16 teeth. He can't process lettuce without help, there's no way he can process celery. But he's in my lap. Which means he has access to my superior mastication powers. Chomp, pull, tear, take out of mouth, put in my mouth. Continue to gnaw and suck the juice out of the next bit of celery while I pre-chew the piece he's given me.

I appreciate the good eating habits, but have I mentioned that I hate the taste of celery?

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