Sunday, June 19, 2011

A toast

In honor of the day.

To Epsilon's father, for almost literally taking care of Epsilon for the first 9 months of his life to compensate me for gestating him for 9 months.

To his father, for showing him what a 40-60 (M-F) housework sharing relationship could look like, so that he can improve up on it to 60-40 (M-F) now that we have a child.

To all the male professionals I know in dual professional households who have made the sacrifices to put their female partner's (and children's mother's) careers on par or ahead of their own.

To all the male academics that came before me, who took interest in their kids' growing up so that it became more acceptable for female academics to take interest in their children.*

*Actually, I've never liked this myth about why it is easier for mother/academics today. But this is my fourth toast (read fourth shot), so I'm a bit tipsy at this point. Bottom's up!

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