Friday, September 7, 2012

Little things: Techincal difficulties

I was having a conversation about my brother earlier this week. My commute schedule, where I'm in My City from Tuesday to Friday, and in His Town Saturday-Monday came up.

"Oh, a four day week. Nice."

Well not really, I almost said. But my brother is in a lab science, so it is really hard for him to take work with him while travelling regularly. Then I almost said, actually, it's been more like a 1 day week: Monday. The paperwork involved to get things set up here has been overwhelming, as it is whenever changing countries. It was late Thursday morning when I finally got my computer set up enough, and all the governmental/HR bureaucratic duties out of the way enough to sit down to work. Except....

I find out Thursday afternoon about more paperwork I need to wait in line for an hour to fill out, and that I probably want to change my bank account. I still can't get my laptop to interface with the campus network properly, which isn't necessary for work, just useful. Then I find out this afternoon that for some reason, my webcam won't work on the office computer - which runs the same build of Ubuntu that my laptop does, where it works. I try fiddling around, crash Ubuntu (talented, aren't I?), restart the computer, and now it won't let me log in.

Yes, I retreat to my apartment where I have working internet and a working webcam so I can skype with Epsilon tonight (and write this post), and add a long list of things that need to happen next week, which is going to be a short week in My City due to conference schedules. GRAH!

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