Thursday, July 14, 2011

And we're back!

The last weekend has been full of family time. Let me ramp back up to speed with a few vignette's.

1) The entire family is meeting my brother's new partner, P. Epsilon is showing off with all the new words he speaks (mostly in Minority Language). P. is showing off by asking the meaning of each word, and then attempting to dissect the etymology. The rest of us are eating breakfast.

2) My brother walks in the door to find Epsilon asleep on my stomach, my partner splayed out on the living room floor, and myself asleep with an exposed nipple on the couch. He jumps to the obvious conclusion and tells my mother that he thinks there may have been a gas leak in the house.

3) How do you prevent a toddler from running off the trail into the forest in chase of a spider that just walked across the path?

4) Airplanes in turbulence : Toddler = Roller coaster : Teenager
Forget crying due to pressure changes during take off and landing. I have never seen such smiles.

1 comment:

  1. P dissecting words in minority language lol :) Maybe, you can give her some strange, non-existent word invented by Epsilon and see what P has to say about that.
    The second incident: big LOL :)