Friday, July 8, 2011

Shouldn't have gone there

There are some places in my history that I do not visit for reasons of my sanity. I went there last night, and I'm too exhausted now to think of anything else worth blogging about. The time with my family this weekend will do me good.

Do they haunt my dreams?

The poems of Suman,
The 10 ft by 10 ft squares of concrete,
the foundation for a family home.
Knowing those are the better abodes.

Taking my sister-in-law to an eviction site
to be fed chicken gristle, watching her realize
she's been given the better portions
according to the rules of hospitality.

And the faces of the girls I cannot write down:
trafficked or attempting suicide,
raped or running away.

Do they haunt my dreams?

The empowered woman - a professor -
who has to do all the child care and housework
though her husband earns less?

The white liberal raped in the southern US
by a black man. Should she bring charges?

The high school friend who runs away from home,
but really from the ghost of her mother's boyfriend,
the child molester.

Do they haunt my dreams?

For pity's sake! I'm a scientist now.

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