Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eggmus: Ratings Agencies

This is not so much a "cute lovable thing Epsilon did" as it is a "stupid lovable thing Epsilon's parents did." But it may still deserve the Eggmus rating.

Chez Barefoot is still reeling from a set of flues that are washing over us from daycare. We gave up last night, picked Epsilon up from daycare, along with some sushi and chocolate cake, and put a movie on the computer screen.

We chose "Neverending Story," without noticing that it was PG, not G. Epsilon loved it: flying with Falcor, riding the horses, the "steam roller" riding rock biter. When Benjamin couldn't figure out that it was he who needed to save Fantasia, Epsilon started jumping up and down yelling "I help! I help!"

"Wow" I think. "He's actually followed most of this story. At the age of 2. I'm impressed."

And then it's bedtime. He won't be left alone. "Eyes. Light. BOOM!" Shit, the first of the southern oracle gates. "Naughty boys. Dumpster." Yeesh! the bullies.

Finally, my partner has to curl up with him, with one arm free to block any lasers from the southern oracle sphinxes from getting to the sleeping Epsilon. And if the bullies come by? Father and son will call the police, and make sure Epsilon does not end up in a dumpster.

We are still sick today. Maybe we'll try Shrek tonight. That's rated G, right?


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