Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Do

Visa arrangements for Epsilon to live with his father.

Work visa for me.

Notarize letters to make sure Epsilon can travel internationally with only one of his parents.
Find housing for myself (apparently this can't be done when I arrive.)

Figure out where all the money my current university owes us is, so we get reimbursed before closing out accounts.

Fill out paperwork to get the rest of the money.

Find 3 movers, and get quotes. (Why don't they call us back?)

Find cleaners to come in and clean the house after the movers have packed it up.  (Again, why don't they call back?)

Figure out when parents/in laws are coming into town so we can give notice to day care provider.

Travel visas for Epsilon for our complicated summer conference/ vacation travel plans.

Fill in legs of tickets between conferences.

There's 6 weeks left before we move. Its starting to feel overwhelming. The relative ease with which moves are conducted in the US has spoiled me. If I'm going to be country hopping for the next few years to try to get all three of us in the same university, I'd better get used to this.

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