Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An appeal from a friend.

I found the following in my inbox this morning. It is an appeal from a friend to support US catholic nuns against a an reprimand by the Vatican for spending too much time on humanitarian aid, and not enough on issues like contraception and outcasting gays.

The issues the nuns are being reprimanded for are close to my heart, as regular readers know. However, I am ambivalent, at best about any branch of the Catholic church (and most other religious organization.) I put this forward for your contemplation.

I put this forward for your contemplation.
The Vatican thinks US Catholic nuns (LCWR) spend too much time
on the poor and not enough time condemning the gays and taking birth control rights away. They therefore wants to stage a hostile takeover of nuns. I don't ever ask you all to donate but I think this is
incredibly important because the nuns represent the very few sane
voices left in the cultural war of the religious right vs others.
I've just donated ... and I still feel guilty because its not enough to express how I feel. I want the nuns to know that we care that they are standing with poor women and children, even when Vatican is threatening them. I want to donate so they have the emotional and material resources  to fight this hostile takeover and not be forced to condemn people and give an example of what its truly means to be spiritual.



Or, if you rather just sign a petition:

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  1. In India, we face the attack of the Catholic Church every day.

    These nuns are no less evil. Believe me, I have been on the frontlines of the battle to keep India a nation of heathens and therefore safe from becoming a Western parrot state.

    I would rather have the nuns focussed on homosexuality and stuff. I would rather see the wolf for what it is, rather than the wolf in sheeps clothing.